How many Kitten Kitten Catfé™ characters are there?

  • Currently, each series contains 12 unique Purrista Girl characters.

How many Meowbles™ are in each tea bag?

  • Each tea bag will have anywhere from one to three Meowbles™ inside. It’s a surprise!

What can I do with my Meowbles™ revealed in the tea bag?

  • You can either leave it attached the tag and hang it on your backpack, or remove it from the string and tag and put it on your own string to wear as a bracelet!

Why does the tail come off of my Purrista Girl?

  • The tail is purposely removable to make it easier to dress the Purrista Girl. Simply snap it back once you’ve dressed your Purrista Girl.

Can I drink out of the Purrista Girl cup?

  • Yes! The cup is made of food grade materials, so you can drink COLD liquids from it. Do NOT use cup for warm or hot liquids.

Can the Purrista Girl cup be put in the dishwasher, microwave, or oven?

  • No. The Purrista Girl cup is not dishwasher, oven, or microwave safe. It should be hand-washed only.

Should the cat bed be placed in the lid to drink out of the cup?

  • No. The cat bed should be removed from the lid for drinking purposes.

Can I drink the water with the dissolved tea bag in it?

  • No. You should dispose of the water after you dissolve the tea bag.